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Parent Comments

Here are some of the recent comments from parents about their child's school report. 


"We are so proud of our son as he used to be so shy, and not very confident. He truly has come out of his shell and is progressing extremely well"  


"Thank you to all the teachers for putting in all the effort teaching my child. She has gained a lot of confidence and seeing her doing things by herself on a day to day basis has made us proud"


"I am really pleased with the progress my son has made in reception class. I would like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs. Smith and Mrs. Dawson for all there hard work which is reflected in our sons progress throughout the year"


"To Miss Haig and the teaching crew. The way you taught, the knowledge you shared, the care you took, the love you showered, you all have given my little boy a powerful weapon in life. Thank you so much, may the Lord lift you high in life. Amen."


"God bless you guys for helping these kids, I read my child's report and we're gonna put effort to work on her maths at home but so far so good in Year 2 she will improve. Thank you so much with the work you give to the children - God blessed love."


"We are very proud of our child's SAT results + Year 6 report. We are very proud of him as he has worked very hard."


"I have received the report and i am very pleased about his progress. He is very enthusiastic to come to school everyday as he always mentions, that his teachers are fun and supportive. I am thankful to his class teachers and all the staff if Beaumont Lodge School for making his year spectacular."


"I think a lot of work goes into these reports, very informative. Keep up the good work."


"Our son has continued to do very well this year and he was completely unphased at taking SATS. We are pleased that his progress and achievements are being recognised. Thank you" 


"We are very pleased with our sons progress throughout the year and think he has come a very long way since he started in September. Thank you."