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Boys Football Team

Our Man Of The Match from the last game! Well Done!!
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Below you can see photos from Beaumont Lodge's visit to the King Power Stadium where they played in the city finals!


It was a long journey; to reach the finals the team had to qualify as the two top teams. Our school was then placed into a group with the other Division 2 top qualifiers which included Wyvern, Spinney Hill, Catherine Juniors, Abbey B, Inglehurts Juniors, Avenue, and Granby. 

The boys football team is currently 2nd in the league and will be playing at the King Power stadium for the final! They have also been playing in tournaments at New Parks. 


The season started on September 4th 2015 and finished March 17th 2016.


The Squad:

Mason M, Sienna, Euron, Mason F, Bradly, Andrew, Joshua, Kia, Kianel, Lewis, Jolson and Frankie.


The Coach:

Mr. Plant