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Year 1 have been creating art in the style of the artist Claude Monet
Our Geography this term is "Where I Live". Year 1 and 2 went on a walk around the local area to see the variety of houses, shops, buildings and fields we have around where we live!
In Design & Technology, Year 1 and 2 have been looking at healthy eating. We made a crunchy coleslaw salad and a fruit salad with bread rolls on this side. Here is our pictures of us making it, and of course the best part, tasting it!!
Year 1 spent the afternoon outside drawing landscapes! It was nice to have the opportunity to get out the classroom and teach for once!
Today year 1 spent some of the afternoon tasting fresh fruit and veg! Some of the foods included cucumber, pepper and rhubarb! Some of the reactions were interesting!!
This afternoon Year 1 had fun creating pieces of art inspired by the artist Jackson Pollock! It was a messy but fun activity which showed the children a new technique of painting. It also showed that art can occur in many different forms!
Continuing with the football celebrations some children decided to bake cakes! You can see their outstanding and no doubt tasty creations below!
Today year 1 spent some of the afternoon decorating biscuits! The theme was Leicester City in celebration of our football team winning the league!
Year 1 presented an assembly on the Great Fire of London this morning! Check out some of their costumes below!!
Today year 1 were visited by the chicks! They got to see them up close and personal! Some children had a chance to stroke them too! 
Year 1 have been writing about the great fire of London!!
Year 1 was lucky enough to get a visit from our local florist Stacey, just in time for mothers day! They spent the afternoon sorting through greenery and flowers to make a special gift for their mothers! You can see some pictures below.
Today year 1 played Paralympic volleyball to understand how difficult it can be to lead a life without limbs such as legs. They were required to play a whole game of volleyball sitting down!

On Thursday 5th November, Year 1 went bulb planting to support our local community by making it look beautiful! In pairs, we dug holes in the woods and planted daffodils and bluebells. We had lots of fun! Here are some of the photos to show you our hard work!

Y1 & Y2 Sensory Day

Year One have worked on Poetry for two weeks. We looked at our senses in Science so we wrote Senses poetry, using the poem ‘The Magic Box’ for inspiration.


Here are the three that we voted on as class to put on our school website.