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Visit to White post Farm


Year 2 had a great time visiting White post Farm, they had a chance to meet and feed lots of animals. They were also very brave and even held some reptiles in the reptile house!

Florence Nightingale

Year 2 walk around the local area

Below you can see year 2 showcasing how much they have improved on their handwriting since year 1!
In Design & Technology, Year 1 and 2 have been looking at healthy eating. We made a crunchy coleslaw salad and a fruit salad with bread rolls on this side. Here is our pictures of us making it, and of course the best part, tasting it!!
Year 2 held a court trail to find out whether or not Mr Fox was guilty of eating the Gingerbread man! It was a very intense case with both sides presenting well thought out arguments! The verdict was soon made with Mr Fox being found guilty! 
Year 2 are currently doing an experiment with bread! They are watching how much mould grows on bread rubbed with dirty hands compared to how much mould grows on bread rubbed with clean hands! The results will soon follow!
Year 2 have been busy creating works of art inspired by Wassily Kandinsky this afternoon! They used colours and techniques they have learnt previously and applied them to their work!
Year 2 have been spending art lessons learning about Piet Mondrian. He was a dutch painter who was influenced by artists such as Pablo Piccasso! We replicated his style of art!
Year 2 spent the afternoon being visited by the chicks we hatched here at Beaumont Lodge! They were fascinated by their size and the sounds they make!
This term year 2 have been learning about space! They created some outstanding pieces of art which relates to the space topic! 

Space Report By Harrison

Still image for this video
In Year 2 this term we have been learning about Space!! As part of our space topic we created displays for our classroom! Check them out below!
Year 2 have been busy with maths, they have been doing fractions and measuring!

This week in Year 2 we have been learning all about measuring volume and capacity of liquids! We have learned how to read scales on a measuring jug and that liquids can be measured in litres and millilitres.


On Tuesday we worked in groups to follow a fruit juice recipe, where we had to measure each liquid accurately to make the perfect tasty juice! The final juice should have measured to exactly 500 ml.


Well done to Sam B, Kyron, Marcel, Niall, David and Braijens…. They did some fantastic accurate measuring and their juice measured to exactly 500 ml!

Y1 & Y2 Sensory Day