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We recognise that parents enjoy supporting and enriching their child’s learning.  To support you in achieving this, below are some ideas as to how you can have a very positive impact on your child’s learning this year. 


Take a walk around Bradgate Park

During the Autumn term, we will be learning about Britain through the ages.  Students from Leicester University’s School of Archaeology and Ancient History have discovered flint scatter at Bradgate Park.  Information about their discoveries can be found at


Remembering the Romans

During the Autumn term, we will be learning about Roman Britain.  The Jewry Wall museum has some Roman exhibitions and information which you may find useful.


Explore the Egyptians

During the Summer term, we will be learning about the Ancient Egyptians.  New Walk Museum, has an Egyptian display which could provide your child with a good foundation for the subject area.


Local area

Our children will be exploring and learning about our local area.  Whilst we will be making a trip to Bennion pools and around the local area, we would encourage parents to also visit local parks and nature areas to develop their child’s understanding of the local area.  


A school visitor session around the Romans is planned for later in the term, alongside a visit to the Jewry Wall museum in Leicester.