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At foundation stage the best homework we can ask you to complete with your child is to share a book with them each night.  This should be a combination of:  your child reading their school reading book to you; you reading their school library book to them; and you both sharing a book you enjoy at home. (You don’t need to do all three every night!)


Helping to develop your child’s use of language is crucial at this age so talking with your child about what they have been doing in school, what you see on your journey home and playing with your child (e.g. helping with jigsaws, playing simple card games, playing with their toys) will all make a huge difference to how they get on in school.


In addition to this we ask that you help your child to learn the sight words that we are working on in class and that you encourage them to count and use practical maths as often as possible.

Finally we always want to know about your child’s achievements outside of school as well as inside so please let us know about any Wow! Moments that your child has for us to include these in their learning journeys.


Thank you for all your support.


Mrs Smith J