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Pantomime (Wednesday 11th November 2015)

Today Beaumont Lodge Primary School was lucky enough to have M&M Productions come down and perform an Aladdin pantomime!!


It was a fantastic show and everyone at Beaumont Lodge Primary School would like to thank the cast; Tom Mclean (Ebenezer, The Genie and Sid), Josh Varty (Aladdin), Larhysa Saddul (Jasmine) and Sarah Bartlett (Meerkat) for an outstanding performance! 


To see more of M&M Productions work visit www.magicoftheatre.com


Check out some of the images from the perfomance!

Here is what the children thought of the show!


"My favourite part was when the meerkat told us to say kiss" - Devan


"The Pantomime was fantastic because the actors were funny!" - Eva


"I like the part when Aladdin had freed the genie from the lamp because when he came out of the lamp he acted silly" - Maceo


"I like the pantomime because of all the songs" - Braijen


"I liked it when the boy and the girl fell in love" - Kiana


"The pantomime was great because they had amazing stuff to watch with Aladdin and meerkats in it" - Brandon M