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Pennies In The Playground (Friday 3rd July 2015)

Beaumont Lodge Primary School presents Pennies In The Playground!


Each class had a box for their collection which was emptied today. Then all the coins from each class’s box were laid in a line by the children from each class to form "lines of pennies". Once all the coins have been counted and laid on the playground, there will be a prize for the class with the longest line and also a prize for the class who collects the line with the highest value. 


The results are in!


Pennies In The Playground raised an outstanding £246.59 this year!! This is a fabulous result for the school and we would like to thank everyone who supported the event! Well done!  


Year 3 - 71m

Year 5 - 60m

Year 4 - 46m 50cm

Year 2 - 40m 63cm

Year 6 - 32m 3cm

Year 1 - 25m 60cm

Reception - 18m 76cm

Nursery AM - 17m 48cm

Nursery PM - 15m 79cm


The 2015 Pennies In The Playground Winner is officially Year 3!


Well done to all who took part and brought in change! More information regarding how much we raised will follow soon.