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Scholastic Book Fair (Thursday 3rd December 2015)

We would like to give a massive thank you to parents, children and everyone involved with the Scholastic Book Fair at Beaumont Lodge Primary School.


With your support we were able to sell over £1,100 worth of books!! This means that the school has now been given the same amount of value in books for all the children to use in school.

On Thursday 3rd December 2015 Scholastic Book Fair comes to Beaumont Lodge Primary School!


Throughout the day each class will come along to the book fair to browse and spend their money that they have saved.


From 2.45pm parents will have the opportunity to come along to the fair without their children to buy any Christmas presents.


From 3.15pm to 4.00pm the fair will remain open for parents and children to come along and buy any books.


The more money that is spent at the book fair – the more commission the school earn for books for all the children to use in school. So please spend spend spend!!