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Sports Round-up!

by Andrew, Lewis, Rylie

Issue 1

Sports events!

by [Rylie]

A group of children went to a netball tournament to play a different number of games.  The first game they luckily won 3-2, but the last few games they lost (even though they tried their best). 

Another group of children went to cross country and they represented the school very well.  Lacey came an amazing 9th out of 120 participants! The rest of our children came 26th, 53rd, 56th and 97th – well done everyone!

There are upcoming events of:

A football festival


Girl’s quick cricket

Further netball tournaments

Sports Tips

by [Andrew]

If you want to be a great footballer,

here are two tips to improve your performance!

1.                    Learn to play with both feet

Most footballers play far better with one foot than the other, it's difficult to improve your touch with your stronger foot. Concentrating on your weaker foot is a probably one of the best ways to become a better footballer. Kick a ball against a wall using only your weaker foot (left foot or right). Have a game in training where everyone plays with their weaker foot. It doesn't take much effort and you will notice results within a few weeks.

2.                    Learn a new trick

When you see a new trick by a famous football player, watch it closely, over and over again before trying it. Online video is good for practicing this. Spend 10 minutes every day learning and trying the trick. Don't try it in a match until you can do it perfectly every time and don't use it to much or your opponents will figure it out.

Girls Team – Top of the league!

by [Lewis]

The girl’s football team have been going to matches every fortnight for 8 weeks.  They have been flying up the league, all the way to 1st in their group!

They haven’t lost a match and haven’t conceded a single goal.  The girl’s top scorer is Sienna with 12 goals, and the top assister is Casey Harriman with 14 assists. The two goal keepers (Rylie and Chloe) have not conceded a goal between them!

Becoming known as the ‘Terrifying Tacklers’, Megan and Aniah are tackling anything that comes in their paths. Also on the team are the ‘midlfield magicians’, Gipsieleigh, Chloe H, Simikada, Savannah, Alexandra, Sienna, Hafsah, Kiana, Millie and Leonie. 

Our super strikers have been firing in

goals in each week- they are Sienna

and Casey.  

Boys Football
by [Mr Plant]
Below is the current league table for the Boy’s football team.  As you can see, we are currently fifth and may possibly be promoted!  Well done boys!