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Top Table

Top Table Halloween 2019
10/10/19 Mrs Solla Lacie K For improving behaviour.
10/10/19 Mrs Graham Kaitlyn M For being Resilient and always well mannered.
10/10/19 Mrs Morley Kyla A Enjoying her PE lessons.
10/10/19 Miss Cook & Mrs Mollett Tommie H & Basha Both these children have tried really hard at eating all their lunch! They have both been behaving well and listening.
10/10/19 Mr Plant Kyle M Always showing a positive attitude from the walking bus in the morning right throughout the day.
10/10/19 Andrea & Sara Lunch Ladies Joseph H & Amera F They always have such smiley faces and they are always using their manners.
10/10/19 Ms Smith & Mrs Dawson Laiah H & Marcel S These two children always follow the class rules & try their best, they set a great example to the children in their class.
10/10/19 Mrs Donnelly Mya-Grace M Always doing the right thing.
10/10/19 Miss Kings Oliver H For always being kind and polite to his peers.
10/10/19 Miss Dakin Reet U Always doing the right thing and following school rules.
10/10/19 Miss Harris Ansel Da S Always being so kind and polite to his peers.
10/10/19 Ms Lawrence Morgan K Always listening in class and putting in hard work.
10/10/19 Miss Stone Honor H Always putting in extra effort in class with work.
10/10/19 Mr Sperry & Mrs Munder Lacey R & Ibrahim D Both are always on their best behaviour and try so hard with answering questions the best they can.
10/10/19 Miss Leeson & Mrs Burns Ava A & Oskar D Constantly following the rules, always polite & excellent behaviour. 
10/10/19 Mrs Kazi, Ms Westley & Mrs Lacey Mahin J & Chelsey R Always trying their best and listening well.