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Year 4

Djole -- www.leicestershiremusichub.org/djole (http://www.leicestershiremusichub.org/djole) password: temine

Kuku -- www.leicestershiremusichub.org/kuku (http://www.leicestershiremusichub.org/kuku) password: fishing

Sinte -- www.leicestershiremusichub.org/sint (http://www.leicestershiremusichub.org/sint) password: dancer please note that the current address for Sinte has a missing “e”, when it has been updated it will include the e. If you cannot find the page, go to the main resources page www.leicestershiremusichub.org/djembe-resources (http://www.leicestershiremusichub.org/djembe-resources) to find it

Year 5

Kuku -- www.leicestershiremusichub.org/kuku (http://www.leicestershiremusichub.org/kuku) password: fishing

Tiriba -- www.leicestershiremusichub.org/tiriba (http://www.leicestershiremusichub.org/tiriba) password: landuma

Year 6

Djansa -- www.leicestershiremusichub.org/djansa (http://www.leicestershiremusichub.org/djansa) password: mali please note the page is not yet live but should be accessible by half term

Sorsonet -- www.leicestershiremusichub.org/sorsonet (http://www.leicestershiremusichub.org/sorsonet) password: baga