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Phonics & Reading

The Teaching of Phonics and Early Reading at Beaumont Lodge Primary School


Beaumont Lodge Primary School forms a part of a cluster of schools in the city known as the Knowledge Transfer Centre (KTC). This is a programme for the teaching of systematic synthetic phonics based on Letters and Sounds.  It was introduced to Leicester City in 2013 by the Literacy Consultant Ann Smalberger. Beaumont Lodge joined this cluster of schools in 2015. 


Teachers and Teaching Assistants at Beaumont Lodge Primary School have received training from Ann Smalberger for all aspects of the KTC suitable for their year group age range. Staff receive ongoing CPD and refresher training sessions led by Ann to ensure that training needs are always met and to ensure consistent quality first teaching.



Phonics is taught daily at Beaumont Lodge from Nursery until Year 2. This is in the form of a discrete 20-minute whole class teaching session, following the lesson structure – Review and recap, Hear, Read, Write and Apply.  Mantas help the children to develop their ability and confidence to decode and encode text successfully.


Phonics is taught through 5 progressive phases shown in the table below:


Nursery – phase 1

Reception – phase 2-4

Year 1 – phase 5

Autumn 1

Environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, voice sounds, body percussion, rhythm

Assess children in phase 1. Begin teaching phase 2 from week 2.

Revise phase 3-4.

Begin phase 5

Autumn 2


Teach phase 2 and phase 3 (j-ng)


Teach phase 5

Spring 1


Environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, voice sounds, body percussion, rhythm, alliteration

Teach phase 3 long vowels


Teach phase 5

Spring 2

Teach phase 3



Teach phase 5

Summer 1


Environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, voice sounds, body percussion, rhythm/rhyme, alliteration, oral blending and segmenting

Consolidate phase 3 in reading and writing.

Begin phase 4


Teach phase 5

Summer 2

Teach phase 4

Phonics Screening Check

Consolidate phase 5 develop breadth and depth


Throughout Early Years and Key Stage One additional phonics intervention lessons are available throughout the day for those children who are finding it difficult to keep up with the main phonics teaching.   


Early Reading.

All children at Beaumont Lodge have regular Shared and Guided Reading sessions within their class. Throughout their learning children are encouraged to use the KTC strategies and mantras to help them.


Shared reading- during this whole class session the strategies are taught for reading. These are taught using ‘mantras’ which fall in line with those taught within their phonics lessons. Children are taught how to apply their phonics knowledge to reading during these sessions as well as develop their comprehension skills. Children will receive a shared reading session twice a week.


Guided reading- during these sessions children are taught in ability groups of up to 6. Each child will have a book to match their phonics confidence level and they are encouraged to independently apply the skills learnt during phonics sessions and the shared reading sessions. Children will read individually by themselves with the teacher listening in, supporting them with sounding out more challenging words and encouraging their development of prosody.  Once children have completed the book they are asked questions about what they have read and to find evidence within the text to support their answer.  Children will receive a guided reading session at least twice a week.


1:1 reading- As an intervention to support children who might be struggling to keep up, adults across EYFS and KS1 listen to 1:1 readers using phonetically appropriate and/or colour banded books (depending on phase and stage of reading).  These sessions may include additional work on phoneme recognition and blending of longer words.  Children receiving this additional support will work with their adult three times a week.