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Year 2 Learning

Royalty Day!

Year 2 have taken part in Royalty Day! There were a variety of costumes, such as kings, queens, princes, princesses and knights.

Throughout the day, Year 2 took part in many different activities linked to our topic on Royalty.

Our day began with designing and creating dresses for Elizabeth I. The children chose to create dresses from various materials and sew on a range of beads, sequins, lace and material cut-outs onto the dresses. We then discussed the differences and similarities between Queen Elizabeth I and Queen Victoria and completed fact sheets on our findings. We finished the day with a discussion on medieval banquets and then ate our own version of a three-course modern banquet.  Below are some of the outfits we designed!


Year 2 have created brilliant sentences based on the story ‘Little Red Reading Hood’ using verbs, exciting adjectives, similes, questions and dialogue.

Women Throughout History

Our History topic for this term is ‘Women Throughout History. In particular, Year 2 have focused on nurses that have had a significant impact. The children have: discussed how Florence Nightingale changed nursing; created leaflets on the life of May Seacole; roleplayed events from the life of Edith Cavell, and sketched portraits of these significant women.

D&T: Creating our own dragons


Making links to our English work based on the story of George and the Dragon, and the film How to Train your Dragon, Year 2 have designed and created their very own dragon sculptures from clay.

Taking inspiration from sculptors Antony Gormley and Kirsty Armstrong, we used a range of techniques to smooth, mould and join the clay. We then carved unique details and indented the sculptures to produce surface textures before painting and decorating them.

Column Subtraction

Over the past couple of weeks in Maths, we have been working hard to develop our subtraction skills using the column method – with and without renaming.

Music: Pulse

During our recent music lessons, we have been learning about pulse, rhythm and ostinatos (repeating patterns). We have practised and performed rhythms, using 1, 2 and 3 syllable words related to our topic of Castles, Knights and Dragons to create a our own patterns.