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Year 6 Learning

Our Best Book 2022!

Year 6 pupils have been busy reading books as part of the Our Best Book club.  They have the top 5 books to read through by the end of April.  Then they will vote on the top 3 books, before we find out which author is the winner of Our Best Book 2022!

We are engineers! 

Year 6 spent a day working as engineers, creating a modern-day Arabian lamp.  They had to conduct research on existing products, before designing their own lamps (in keeping with the theme) which had to contain an electrical circuit with a switch.  They used a range of skills, exploring how to cut, fix and reinforce materials, using a range of skills.


Combining their learning of evolution and art, pupils in year 6 learnt the art technique of printing. 

They explored the work of William Morris before applying the technique whilst creating prints on card and fabric of Darwin’s finches.


Prayer mat printing

During their exploration of the five pillars of Islam, pupils learnt about the importance of prayer to Muslims.  We learnt about different aspects of prayer, including the use of prayer mats. Year 6 then used their printing skills again in RE, creating a printed prayer mat as a team. 

The Black Stone

As part of their learning on Islam, the children learnt about the Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) and explored the story of the black stone.  They worked as a team to enact the story and to explore what we could learn about teamwork from this story.  The pupils loved the challenge – especially the challenge of not getting wet!

Science - Which beak is best?

Year 6 have been exploring the work of Charles Darwin as he developed the Theory of the Origin of species and evolution.  They explored the beaks of finches and used a range of apparatus to explore the effectiveness of different ‘beaks’ to grasp items.

Mental Health Awareness Day


On Mental Health Awareness Day, we spent some time exploring what mental health is.  We discussed the difference between a positive and negative mental health.


We spent some time reflecting on what helps our own mental health.  One of the activities we found that can help our mental health is painting. We spent some time painting images from the very good book by Charlie Mackesy which contained some helpful quotes. 

Henry VIII biographies


We have been working hard learning about the features of biographies.  We have written biographies on Richard III and Henry VIII.  We are particularly proud of our completed biographies. 

How would you describe King Henry VIII?

Tudor Leicester


Whilst learning about the Tudor era, we have explored Tudor links in our city of Leicester.  Year 6 never realised there were so many links to this period around them and were curious to learn more! 


The story of the discovery of Richard III's remains under a car park is just a piece of the story of Leicester in the Tudor times.


Using digital mapping software, we explored what remains from the Tudor era and what purpose of the buildings are now.  


We learnt how to describe the location of these locations using six-digit grid references.  



We have made a start on our new exciting music project - turntablism!  We have been given the exciting opportunity to learn how to become budding DJs using turntables.  

We are currently learning 'Jiggy - jig-gy' and 'Ah..back'.  These skills are a bit trickier than they first seem, but we are demonstrating great resilience and continuing to practise.  We are learning how to read music notation and are designing our very own music pieces!