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Year 1 Learning

English- The Train Ride

In our English unit, Y1 have looked at the story ‘The Train Ride’ by June Crebbin. We made train tickets, pretended we went on a train ride for a lesson, and visited a variety of places. One of these places was the seaside, where we played in the sand and ate delicious vanilla ice-cream with raspberry sauce and sprinkles. Then we wrote about our seaside visit- look at some of our fantastic writing below!

History- The Great Fire of London

During our history topic, we looked at the Great Fire of London. Here we looked at this significant event in history, we studied what happened and plotted this on a timeline. We made Tudor houses for our homework, and burnt these down to show how fast the fire spread. We were very sensible and stayed away from the fire!

Geography & Science: Natural and Man-made materials

As a class, we looked at the difference between natural and man-made materials. We looked at these for a beach and what things you find at a beach that are either man-made or natural. In groups, we sorted between natural and man-made materials.





In pairs, we chose 2 numbers. Using these numbers, we created an addition number sentence. Working in pairs, we used our 10 frames to make 10, partition and count on, to find the answer to our addition number sentence.


Our school

Whilst looking at our local area and our surroundings, we also covered our school and maps. In groups, we created an aerial map of the school groups. Here are some of our maps. 



Nature area experience day


In English, we took a trip to our nature area. During our experience day, we searched for mini-beasts, made animal shelters, fed the birds, collected nature and finished the morning off with a warm hot chocolate.

Science Investigation- Everyday materials


In Science, we looked at the story ‘The Three Little Pigs.’ We talked about the different materials the houses were made out of. Working in a team, we built the houses out of straw (straws) sticks (wooden lolly sticks) and bricks (lego). Before doing this, we made predictions about which house we thought would withstand the ‘big bad wolf’ (hairdryer!) and then recorded these onto post it notes. After completing the investigation, Year One discussed the conclusion by completing the sentence stem…’ The brick houses were the strongest because…’